Monday, August 29, 2016

School Begins Again!

Today is the return of the new school term! After a much needed break from Summer camp, it's now time for the HKE teachers to set up their classrooms and prepare their lessons for a classroom full of students. The students are very excited to be around their favorite teachers and classmates again. The excitement not only lies in the return of the school term, but also this month is the ten year anniversary of Hardknock Elementary. HKE is the only school in second life who has a track record of that long. Ms. Mindy Metaluna Bayn will have run the school successfully for six years in December. The staff of HKE are very proud of how much the school has grown since Ms. Mindy has taken it over. We will be celebrating this month so be sure to stay tuned and watch notices for the big celebration of the 10 year anniversary of HKE!

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